So You Wanna Be A Producer?

BY Steve Eccelsine

Published 2012.

An introduction to the business of show business. 

Most people believe being a movie or TV producer is a glamorous, high paying job where you sit by the pool, martini in hand, barking out orders all day surrounded by hot and cold running starlets. So You Wanna Be a Producer is a survivor's guide for those innocents who have been hooked by the fame and fortune bug and happily volunteer to jump into this shark tank. Steve Ecclesine has produced films and television shows for Warner Brothers, Sony-Columbia, Universal, Disney, Paramount, all of the major television networks, and for many independent production companies. Shortly after graduating Emerson College, he found a job as an assistant film editor for Orson Welles through a totally fluky set of circumstances.

 From the great man he learned four invaluable lessons:

1. Show business is two words 2. Timing is everything 3. Always be a student of your craft 4. Never underestimate the value of cheap theatrics

"Very insightful, delightful and frightful."

Ken Shapiro, Producer (Golden Globes)