Coming this fall. The story of a song, the people who created it and the legions that have embraced it as their own. 

What does it take to hope? Everything.

When Mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers wrote “I Hope You Dance” during an otherwise ordinary collaboration session, they unleashed a breathtaking piece of music that would go on to win awards—and hearts. Originally recorded by country artist Lee Ann Womack and released in 2000, it’s become a universal anthem of hope. 

It comforts. It celebrates. It connects. And in his tender film I Hope You Dance, The Power and Spirit of Song, acclaimed director John Scheinfeld (U.S. vs. John Lennon, Who is Harry Nilsson?) explores the power of one song to impact lives in profound, meaningful and sometimes startling ways.

In this book, the film’s Co-Producer Judith A. Proffer curates the genesis and life of  “I Hope You Dance,” including four captivating real life stories of faith and hope. A homeless woman who reclaims self through dance. A quadriplegic whose steadfast beliefs are life changing. A father who navigates a parent’s painful journey. And a reluctant bride who ultimately accepts joy and in doing so find her true north. 


Featuring commentary from:

Joel Osteen
Graham Nash
Vince Gill
Lee Ann Womack
Brian Wilson


(Judith A. Proffer with singer/songwriter Graham Nash)

Foreword by Tim Storey and introduction by John Scheinfeld with additional commentary by Judson Laipply (“Evolution of Dance”) and Musical Therapist Alexandra Field.   

Huqua Press has teamed with Savio and Post Hill Press to publish the gift centric book.  Distributed by Simon & Schuster. Illustrated by esteemed graphic designer Hugh Syme, it embodies the spirit & essence of the song.                                                                                             

The book is available for pre-sale on and will be released to coincide with the airing of the I Hope You Dance special on the Hallmark Channel this Thanksgiving week-end.

             (Above: filmmaker John Scheinfeld, singer Lee Ann Womack and book editor Judith Proffer)

(Left: Songwriter Tia Sillers, singer Vince Gill & Proffer)